4ft Artificial Golden Dieffenbachia Plant Dieffenbachia seguine

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  • 【Lifelike Appearance】Carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a real live golden dieffenbachia, looking as close to reality as possible, perfect for any room or office decor. 5 strong trunks adorned with 85 evergreen leaves with variegated margins, clearly textured and vivid color makes this faux silk plant a timeless home decor for all seasons and will definitely make you feel the existence of nature.
  • 【Stay Green All Year Round】Artificial plants indoor will not wither or die because of the changes of seasons, climates, watering conditions like real trees do. Our faux dieffenbachia silk tree plant will stay green and fresh for years to come. Just simply wipe it clean if it gets dust on. It will create a natural atmosphere wherever you place it. It’s energy and money saving, win-win!
  • 【DIY Looks】Inserted with soft metal wires, this artificial tropical tree plant can reach its fullness and intended looks by bending and adjusting its branches and leaves. Please be patient and fluff it out from the bottom leaves to the top. Pot Size: 4.5inx4.9in(HxW). You can put this artificial tree inside a decorative pot (larger than 5in width)to match your room decor.
  • 【Stable&Sturdy】This faux silk tree is made of premium silk, polyester and soft metal wire, stable and sturdy. The black nursery pot is made of hard PP material with cement poured inside which prevents children or pets from knocking it down. Once you have settle its look, this 4ft tall fake plant will stay fresh and green all the time.
  • 【Indoor&Outdoor Decor】Standing 4ft tall from the pot bottom to the top leaves, this large floor house plant is a perfect room decor piece. No matter it’s for indoor or outdoor decor, this faux trees will creates a finishing touch to any places. Please avoid direct sunlight and rain for outdoor use. It’s a perfect gift choice for friends or families on important occasions, like Parties, Housewarming, Birthdays, Ceremonies, Weddings,etc.
  • Width: 6 In.
    Height: 4 Ft.
    Depth: 6 In.
    Pot size: H: 5 In.W: 5 In. D: 5 In.
    Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.